Air Pollution Control Device WAYU, Inaugurated In New Delhi

Wind Augmentation Purifying Unit “WAYU”


Environment Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan on 25th September inaugurated air pollution control device Wind Augmentation Purifying Unit, WAYU, at ITO in New Delhi.

The device WAYU is developed by Council of Science and Industrial Research to mitigate air pollution at traffic junctions.

How it works

The device has five ducts that suck in air, trap particulate matter and release clean air using the principle of dilution.

However, for CO and VOCs, the air is heated inside the instrument and thermal oxidisers break down the pollutants at high temperatures into simpler forms like carbon dioxide (CO2).

Along with particulate matter, the device will remove poisonous gases such as volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide.

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This device works on two principles mainly wind generation for dilution of air pollutants and active pollutants removal.

Wind Augmentation Purifying Unit, WAYU

WAYU works by converting pollutants such as dangerous PM2.5 and PM10 particles, carbon monoxide (CO) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into carbon dioxide using a filter. It can reduce pollution at busy traffic junctions by 40% to 60%.

It is a continuous process that will clean the air over a period of time.


PM2.5 levels drops from above 100 micrograms per cubic metre (ug/m3) to as low as 40 ug/m3. The safety limit is 60 ug/m3.

Similarly, PM10, which was more than 160ug/m3 as against the safe limit of 100ug/m3, drops by half to 50ug/m3.

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