Me Too movement – A Bold Feminist Initiative

Me Too movement

The Me Too movement or #MeToo movement, with a large variety of local and international alternative names, is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault.

It has been called a watershed moment in the advancement of gender equality, giving a powerful platform to women and demonstrating the extent of sexual assault and harassment across society.

Me Too movement was initiated in 2006 by a social activist Tarana Burke against the dire concern of the masses on the matter of sexual abuse and harassment in America.

The idea of “Empowerment through Empathy” was behind the Me Too Movement. It was ultimately created to ensure survivors know they’re not alone in their journey.

Aim of the movement

To help survivors of sexual violence who were not so well off to find ways to make them come out of the aura that they had suffered.

Who is behind the movement

2006 (Tarana Burke)

Tarana Burke, a social activist and community organizer, began using the phrase “Me Too” in 2006, on the Myspace social network as part of a campaign to promote “empowerment through empathy” among women of color who have experienced sexual abuse, particularly within underprivileged communities.

2017 (Alyssa Milano)

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On October 15, 2017, actress Alyssa Milano encouraged spreading the hashtag #MeToo, to attempt to draw attention to sexual assault and harassment. Milano later acknowledged earlier use of the phrase by Burke.

Effects of the movement

Union Minister of State for External Affairs, MJ Akbar resigned from his post on October 17, 2018 over sexual harassment charges levelled against him by several women journalists. 

Government sets up committee headed by Union home minister Rajnath Singh to examine various provisions for the safety of women and recommend further measures required to strengthen and make them more effective.

The WCD (Women and Child Development) ministry has also launched an electronic complaints box that enables women to bring to light any complaints of sexual harassment at workplace.


Some feminists and women have criticized the movement.

Some media outlets have argued that the Me Too movement has increased the level of androphobia in society.

There has been discussion about whether the movement is meant to inspire change in all men or just a percentage of them, and what specific actions are the end goal of the movement.

Other women have stated #MeToo should examine only the worst types of abuse in order to prevent casting all men as perpetrators, or causing people to become numb to the problem.

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