Tamil Nadu Government Banned e-cigarettes Across The States

Tamil Nadu government banned e-cigarettes

The Tamil Nadu government has banned e-cigarettes in the state. Listing the ill-effects of using Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, knows as E-Cigarettes, the government order released, it is a myth that it is less harmful than Beedis and cigarettes.

The ban covers distribution, trade, display, marketing, advertisement, use, import and possession of e-cigarettes.


Inhaling through the device is harmful as it contains nicotine, ultrafine particles and also has heavy metals.

Also the myth that e-cigarettes are less harmful when compared with smoking tobacco has been busted, the order said. Defective e-cigarettes can lead to burns and in some cases also explode.

The use of e-cigarettes causes adverse health effects due to second-hand exposure to metals like nickel and chromium.

These poses a risk to non-smokers and bystanders. E-cigarettes is also dangerous to children and non-smokers.

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